Somethings wrong.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FerdyG, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. I was playing smp4 then it froze so i disconnected and it wont let me on anymore it says cant reach server. So i tried smp1 and it says i can only be conected to 1 server. Any answers to my problem?
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  2. James had this problem. Go pm a mod to kick/temp ban for 1 min to fix it.
  3. There is a problem on server 4. I can log on to all the servers except for server 4. I get a "can't reach server message"
  4. I do not know why this works but,

    If you get an error message - close MC. then log in again with your game after using the "restore down" button. Logging in while minimized always seems to work for me.
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  5. when this happened to me i believe i was hacked. so what i did was told the mods to kick/ban me when i had changed my password. Then once i changed it i told them to kick me and i got back on it worked all better then.
  6. Sometimes when you eos or unexpectedly disconnect the server will register that you are still logged in for up to a minute or so, so when you try logging in again, it will tell you that you are already logged in. I usually get it when I memory dump and try reconnecting without clearing the ram by restarting the client. Restarting the client almost always helps fix it.