Something similar to Vechs maps?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by d1223m, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. I like Vechs maps but Im wondering if anyone knows any maps similar but not by him?
  2. Are you taking about mini maps for in game? Or something else?
  3. Why would you need similiar maps like vechs? I doubt your done with them since they are made to keep you busy forever and ever....
  4. Yea I was looking for something easier to play on a break :D
  5. erm you could make your own xD
  6. Wouldnt be much of a challenge to complete if I made my own ;D
  7. So basically every custom map out there. Search up minecraft custom maps. I tend to use planet minecraft for these types of things.
  8. You can play my 13,450 block maze :D (when its done)

    Area is 13,450x13,450 Good luck if you try
  9. I know of these I was really just looking for some suggestions from the EMC players :rolleyes:
  10. PM me the link for it when it is ready. :D
  11. for a second i thought you meant things like rei's minimap, but then i realized you didnt say "minimap"

  12. I will sure do :)