Something odd on SMP2.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DaJaKoe, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. North-East of the main spawn in SMP2's wild, there is a snow biome. Within this biome there's a giant freaking hole resembling a blast crater, made by a sub-zero bovine, with a spawn warp in an endstone portal. Would anyone care to enlighten me on how and why this was created?
  2. Checking this out now.
  3. Maybe for the lulz?

    Are you the Spawn police? :p
  4. *Secret spawn police.
  5. I'll check come day.
  6. Well.
    Icc decided to kill all of us..
    Justin included..
    it involved tnt and anvils.
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  7. And two portals?
  8. There was some sort of event yesterday before the mobarena.
  9. Quite an odd anomaly. Quite an odd anomaly indeed...
  10. Bring us there and back.
  11. I always seem to miss out on events like this.
  12. Uhoh, the ultimate no-no combo. All 4 admins....... what happened out there......
  13. So ICC nuked you all... for what purpose, might I ask? :)
  14. The lols.
    He was "testing the new hardware"
    He just likes to blow us up.
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  15. Well, who doesn't? Explosions are the best.