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  1. something to help people just into the game a little bit faster i think you should get something along the lines of expores so you get xp for mining so you can enchant stuff without going into the wild and trying to find creatures to kill and i also think that you should get something like better enchanting mod so that you can chose what you would like you enchantment to be :) thank you for considering!
  2. You'll get XP from smelting when 1.3 rolls around. :)
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  3. You wouldn't need to go to wild to get xp no longer.

    But Now,1.2.5 If you really want to enchant stuff go to wild..Find a spawner and make it a grinder. Or use someone elses if they give you permission.
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  4. Just wait for's coming...

    as for the better enchantment mod, i think it would take the fun out of enchanting...
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  5. sorry dead but i have to disagree to choosing which enchant because it would ruin a lot of shops