"Someones knocking your door" The Second edition

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  1. Its nighttime, as the door ring bell was ringing, you woke up and went to see who is ringing the bell.
    As you open the door, you see a uncommon creeper, who wears a gentleman dress with a hat.

    He says: "Greetings Sir/Madam. My name is Questolo Charolla Creeper. I am from the most famous country called Crance. I have been demanded to come here to tell you that you must trade with me! I will give you something back, depending what stuff your going to give me. If you don't.... my army will come here and destroy your country! And your house too. Make your choice, Sir/Madam."

    Make your choice:

    Trade with the creeper (You need to give 5 stuffs away, and he will give you 1 random item, depending what your going to give him)

    Don't trade with the creeper.

    Call for help.

    Invite him.

    Make breakfast.

    Do nothing.

    Eat breakfast.

    Read a fairy story.

    Go insane.
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