Someone Said "i'll Pay You 2k To Leave This Spawner"

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Can They?

Yeah! 17 vote(s) 48.6%
No!! Go Back!! 18 vote(s) 51.4%
  1. Are They Allowed To Do This?

    Please Explain Below!
  2. I don't think so because they're bribing you and thats no fun :p
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  3. if i got the 2k then can i still go back?
  4. Of course you can! They only said "Leave this spawner". They never said "Never come back here again or I'll report you!"
  5. Well, its up to you if you want to go back or not. I mean... Would you go to the grinder to secretly use it or dont go to the grinder?
  6. well they go afk alot
  7. WHAT!?! ONLY 2K? I would ask for 5K...
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  8. lol love it :p
  9. So I thought they were AFK in the other thread. How did they offer you 2k if they were AFK?

    Also, what business would you have in an area that another person is obviously using?

    I had a guy a couple of weeks ago who mined straight down into my grinder area and started looking in all the unlocked chests. No need to offer rupees for him to leave. He had no honest business there once he saw it was occupied, but then it was obvious he was there for no other reason than because it was being used.

    If you find an area someone is using, it should be given a wide berth out of courtesy at least. If you accidentally mine into the area someone is using and see something like a full grinder and a person AFK, you should report it, not post it on the forums.
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  10. The other thread was removed... You really should have removed/ blacked out the name in your picture which is probably why it was removed.

    They shouldn't need to pay you to leave their spawner. They have no right to claim the area just for them; but it is also rude to not respect the wishes of other players. If they got the mob cap problem fixed- then everything should just be hunky dory.

    check out this link

    No where does it say that offenders will be banned- but I would recommend to this player that they kill them off earlier. (preferably 100-150) That said, after you ask them nicely and they don't- only then should Moderators get involved.
  11. Leave and don't ask for money. They worked hard for their grinder and that would be rude to use it if they ask you not to. Don't try to find a loop hole. You are just trying to self justify using his creation even though he asked you not to. If I find a dog and get a reward for returning it, it isn't ok to sneak back in and play with the dog when the owner is out.
  12. If the spawner is public, stay. If it is private and you stumble upon it, leave.
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  13. I hate when people stumble across my grinder in the nether, last person was nice and left upon me asking them, others I have had to bribe and have them annoy the hell outta me to use the grinder. Nfell just leave the grinder without excepting the money, that's the nice thing to do
  14. If he does not want you there secretly go and get xp but if you get cort destroy the spawner but if he reports you do something.
  15. You can buy spawners at the Alexchance company and yeah good luck!
  16. People cant "kick" you out of spawners they have the freedom to use it whenever
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  17. I was told by a Mod that if you build a grinder, and someone finds it, you have the right to ask them to leave.
  18. i asked aikar they can ask you to leave but they cant FORCE you to leave

    True story
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  19. I've gotten the same from a different mod. In my case the person was mining around my grinder and going through my unlocked chests. I was told:
    1) If I ask them to leave and they won't to PM a mod and THEY could ask them to leave.
    2) If they remove any blocks I've placed and I can get a screenshot of them doing it, they may be banned for griefing.

    Using someone else's grinder is the height of laziness. Unless you are invited, if you are taking experience and items from me because you won't stop using my grinder right in front of me I consider that theft. At the very least you are denying me use of my creation. If I were to build a box of locked furnaces around something of yours in the Wild the result would be no different.

    I've been pvp'ed a few times. Once at a grinder. Anyone who searches you out either has killing you in mind or theft. If I haven't invited you, and you find me in the Wild, be assured I'm mashing the f2 key like crazy. If you don't have the common sense or courtesy to leave, I'll be waiting for you to do anything I can report you for.