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  1. As some of you know I have recently disappeared. Reason why is because I have been sent to a maximum security prison in Russia. Just kidding, me and my savvy tricks fooled you but that doesn't matter for now dear Watson. Since I am gone there is no one to manage my shop, I hope some nice EMC members would take care of it such as restocking it and killing the chicken spammers. As a reward... I shall give my thanks and give you cake when I come back.

    As for the others, when I come back a special party will be happening. And if you believe this is a spam thread well your wrong. This is a community discussion about ME enjoying MY somewhat vacation. And as always thanks for watching :)
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  2. I wondered why you were gone and you would be surprised by how many people are complaining about your shop being out of stock.
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  3. That is why I ask the entire emc community to restock it :p
  4. Im still sending members to your shop and i will help keeping your shop somewhat in stock ;)
  5. How would we re-stock it?
    EDIT: Just answered my own question, derp.
    EDIT 2: Potions of Damage inbound, chickens of 10030.
  6. S
    Selling to it.
  7. EDIT
  8. lmao, haha
  9. Thank you guys. I knew I can count on my friends. I wish I can join you in the new 1.3 minecraft
  10. If you can get on, i suggest changing your glowstone buy price to reallly low, as it is easy to get it now. I restocked some of it, but i went easy on your wallet:p
  11. I think its just fine. I decided I cannot put up with having fair prices any more.
  12. Well, if you want others to be able to sell to you, you will want to lower it. I villager traded and got a full single chest of glowstone in under 20 mins:/
  13. And... how much resources did you waste by trading with them? Lol
  14. I will try to stock it a little :)
  15. Only about 6 double chests of paper!:)