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  1. When i registered for empireminecraft and i waited for 30 minutes to register it always said "bad login". Any suggestions?
  2. Close minecraft and re open :)
  3. Did that ty.
    Ugh i haaaaate the tutorial
  4. Hey, what kind of server is this?
  5. Friendly Non-PVP large and ADVANCED! Welcome aboard for the ride. :D If you can get logged in that is..... ;)

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  6. A very awesome one!

    Seriously, though, read through the Empire Guide and you will find all of your answers for the tutorial.
  7. The EMC guide is a good tool ... I still wonder how ppl can pass it, and then right after go ask how do I claim a home ... -.-
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  8. They derp out and go "Ohh! A Maze!" and just walk through I guess.
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  9. EMC is a multi world multi server non-pvp server set that features seperate worlds for the nether, for the wild (aka normal land) and then a place called town, where you can claim 1 60x60 residence.
  10. ^ left out some info
    you can claim more residences, and even 120x120 residences, if you upgrade your membership!
  11. yeah, but we want to take it slow. dont act like you have to have a sub!
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  12. just type/town to skip the tutorial(not recommebded)
  13. I don't think you can use the /town command until you answered every question
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  14. Is that what you did? Personally, I think something like that should earn a permaban.
  15. You can't use chat until you pass the tutorial for the first time.
  16. I like to go back to the tutorial once in a while and answer it again :)
  17. lol me too! when i was first on smp2 there where a TON of chunk errors so while i was glitching out i saw a giant thing near my lot (im near spawn) it turned out to be that part after i asked justin. then i also found a server secret where... well im not gonna say its really cool though.
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  18. My wife pointed out to me when she joined last week that the tutorial says there are 7 servers. She was all smug because she thinks she's smarter than the tutorial.