Someone killed me at my blaze grinder!

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  1. I was at my blaze grinder, afk, then somebody came and destroyed the glass and all the blazes got out and killed me! I dont understand how this happened!
  2. In the world of EMC, its

  3. No i didnt i was afk, came on to kill them then i got killed by the blazes!
  4. well nothing you can really do about it and i doubt the mods can help ( no offence or anything im just saying there is nothing they can do to help)
  5. Uhww

    If i was you i would not be so concerned about the actual kill.
    I would care about a random guy know about your blaze grinder
  6. Ya think i was worried about all 15 stacks of blaze rods?
  7. Yeah, worry about the fact that somebody knows the location of your blaze farm.
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  8. This is why disconnect when you are about to be afk.
    If you were waiting for the blazes to spawn, I suggest next time watching a video or something and putting Minecraft (making the window small) on the left to monitor it. This is what I do when I XP Grind, as I have been killed at my grinder as well (by a mob)
    You're not a Supporter I know that, but people who are, I suggest /maphide for grinding.