Someone just tried kill me in the wilderness

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by chhodgkins, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. and i want the punk banned.

    He nearly killed me too, kept lighting me on fire. I ran and he disconnected.
    I'm pretty sure I got his name.

    Is there anyway to find out if JWBMinecraft logged out on Saturday Feb 11 around 10:28 am CST? I can identify exactly where it happened.

    Thanks to whomever
  2. i am not sure if EMC has logs for this, they rarely ban without proof like screenshots, so this may not turn out how you want it too, sorry
  3. Okay,

    1) Can you provide screen caps to prove your statements? If not, we can't help you.

    2) Contact a moderator about it, DON'T post it in the public forums.

  4. huh, oh well, what a little punk. grrr, and my wooden forestry tower just burned down. This is my first MC server. I used to have warm fuzzy feelings about MC,,......
  5. Its hard to read rules didn't you know?
  6. thanks MOD! you can delete this thread if you want.