Someone griefed my wilderness path.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by clarkie_b91, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. 2012-02-05_14.34.10.png 2012-02-05_14.35.02.png 2012-02-05_14.35.31.png 2012-02-05_14.35.37.png 2012-02-05_14.36.30.png They stole any and all possible cobblestone laid down.
  2. Even if its griefing, its not THAT bad. Just take some dirt and fill it in or I could make you a cobble gen.
  3. Actually that last photo it took me a while to sneak and fill in the gap
  4. Floating dirt paths/columns are an eyesore. Maybe if you make it out of cobble or something it'll get left alone? I hate when I see dirt paths. I'd never knock them down, but some players may think differently.
  5. I hade made it floating cobblestone.
  6. You are starving, eat some food

    Patch it up, some griefers leveled my large outpost...
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  7. Oh yea I ate some food after that. Had to too make sure I made it back to spawn in one piece.
  8. And man that sucks that people would grief an outpost.
  9. I did eat some food after that. Haha