Someone flying: A Bug?

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  1. SMP3: bleedout3 has admitted to being able to fly "since the 1.1 update."

    He's been informed that it is his responsibility to fix it, but has responded with hostility and asks us why we take a game so seriously.

    Can someone (a mod) check this out please?

    ::EDIT:: both 311josh and Banquo_man have seen him. Will be posting screenshots soon.

    I even informed him of this thread in case he wanted help fixing his client. He's been really really rude about it.
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  2. The ban hammer has spoken. In 3 days time he will be permitted to come back. If he is caught flying or otherwise breaking the rules, inform a moderator immediately to have him removed for good. Also, please use the conversation option next time... It is the proper way to handle this situation.
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  3. Edit: I see justice has been done ^^ nvm my message
  4. Got it.

    He really needs watching when he comes back. He's already admit intention to never fix his client, and also said that he doesn't know what else to do to do so.
  5. Sometimes when I jump from block to block and I go fast it seems to LOOK like they are flying
  6. He has admit to it being a lasting thing in town chat already.
  7. if you view the images, that is not a fly "glitch" that is full no flying, no doubt about it. I have seen the glitches first hand, and 1.1 is full of different ways to "lool" like you are flying and not be. but, this case... flying.
  8. This was only half of the true sentence, the full sentence was "since the 1.1 update, when i installed zombe/cjb modpack" :p
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  9. The issue has been resolved, Thanks a lot Twitch1.
  10. Side question: If the site widget doesn't list any admins/mods online... then who should I start the conversation with?
  11. Well it hasn't happenedto me in 1.1 or 1.0.0
  12. Any mod regardless of being online at that moment or not. We all respond in a timely manner to new messages.
  13. You can find a list of staff members by clicking on the "members" tab up the top of page, the the "staff" tab in the green tabbar below it. From there you can select staff member to contact and add whomever you want when setting up convo.
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  14. I have saw many players flying already, even before 1.1
    remember, zombe's modpack and cjb's hacks aint the only ones on this earth :p
  15. .... your tactics confuse me.. i install no mods XD.

    but what im saying is, i have seen alot of just movement glitches since the 1.1 update. Like people going through walls, being half a block high for long periods of time, but its not that there flying or using a noclip client, its like server says thats where they are located to my client, but they are somewhere else. like on the ground, or walking by a wall. But i still get lots of screenshots of people "going through walls" every day, and have learned how to tell from just a couple of screenshots the difference between someone walking through a wall, and someone "glitching" into it.
  16. Sooo is he perm banned
  17. no, 3 day tempban

    i totally did not edit this
  18. "3 day temp ban for flying. Reports of hostility for being told to remedy his actions. If further reports of infractions reported, suggest permaban this individual. Hoping a 3 day hiatus will change his attitude..." --Twitch1
  19. i said that =)