Someone Doth Named Open.

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  1. Hello i would just like to bring up a future possible dilemma concerning the /v open command, that Importerer brought up whilst we were talking on Smp 1. What would happen if somebody named 'open' joined EMC.
    What would the /v open command do, would it still teleport you to an open residence, consiquently unabling people to type in the name 'open' to teleport to their res.
    Or would it disable the open command completely.
    Although there would still be available ways to do this without those commands, would it not be a frustration to people being unable to use the commands they've grown so accustomed to. I was also wondering is whether or not those commands would be replaced with new ones in case of this event. Thank you for your time.
  2. What a predicament! I've thought about this too, but I suppose Justin will just cross his hurdle if/when it happens. The command could be changed to /v new, /v newres, /v unclaimed or something similar perhaps, if need be.
  3. i should make an mc account called town or shop or rupees, that'd be interesting
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  4. All taken :p
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  5. There's also an account named "empireshop" lol.
  6. And EmpireMinecraft :D
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  7. ill just make one with the same numbers as someones res.
  8. That could be interesting.. :)