Someone copied my building "The Stacked"

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  1. JennyPoo10 copied my building "The Stacked" without approval.
    And since this is almost like a real life game, I'm wondering if I can sue players for copyright

    Copiers should really ask permission before copying. And guess what? She put her name as the designerof that building she calls it the Towering Hall.

    To all young kids you copy without permission in reality you will get sued.
  2. I consider it a great honor when someone uses my design for inspiration. Most of the professional web developers and designers I work with also see it as a great compliment. Of course I don't mean copy and paste and exact copy, but when they use what you have done for inspiration, it makes you the trend setter :)

    Minecraft is no different, we have all been somewhere on some server and seen something and been like yes that is an awesome ______ . And later when we are building those influences from, dare I say, Minecraft culture impact what we build.
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  3. Hmm... I'd recommend copyrights still though =^w^=
  4. this is not a legitimate argument yuxuanaoi. How can you sue someone over something when you don't even have the rights as a copyright? Did you copyright this design? Of course not. Bogus demand. Makes me wonder if you are the type that purposely falls on wet floor signs
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  5. Yeah, it's totally a compliment when someone attempts to recreate what you've created because what you've created is so awesome. It's like that in many fields, if not all.

    Besides, ideas can't be owned. You simply can't copywrite a building idea.
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