Someone burned down our outpost and stole our stuff

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  1. Someone came to my and my friends' outpost in the wilderness on server 1. My friends being: Fantasywiz54, Florencio45, and AllKnowingSage. Our outpost is a small island at around x-296 and z-118. He/she/they burned down the big building on the island and stole all of our alchemical supplies in the basement, all the stuff in one of our hidden chests, stole our cauldron, our brewing stand and all of our blaze rods.

    Can a mod please help us?
  2. Im not sure if this is an issue that can be fixed by Mods/Admins; You gota take in consideration that the wilderness is a free for all area, where players can stumble upon structures/hideouts, and if im not mistaken, its not against the rules to poen a chest in the wilderness and take the stuff in it... While I personally dislike ppl that take other's hard-earned stuff, I also gotta admit that not knowing the tools that EMC has to offer you doesnt entitle you to ask for retribution.

    Next time, i suggest using the [locked] chest feature if you plan on leaving stuff in the wilderness, its a bit expensive, but its the price to pay for secutiry out there

    The feature is: Place a sign on your chest with the legend [LOCKED] on the first line... the server will do the rest for you
  3. You may not take items stored in chests (you can now lock chests in the wild!)
    Alas, mods and admins can't do anything for there is no proof or evidence as to who did this.

    Only thing you can do is monitor the live map from time to time and see who goes to the place after you log off. You then log back on and make printscreens of them doing the griefing, only then admins and mods can ban the person(s)
  4. You should not post the conplainment here, you should pm a mod or admin like ISMOOCH or R0bieJo
  5. And like Ranisima said the new feature [locked] is great but if I were you I would build in a res:)