Somehow I got creative?

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  1. Alright, I was just minding my own business on my friend's residence (he is owenator101.)
    I hear Fenyrial (I think that's his name, I can't go in right now; it's full) say he's got a shop at his res. So, I do /v [insertwhatevernumberhere].

    When I get there, I start walking and it takes me a second to notice. I ask Fenryial "Are you an admin?" because I look and find I've got creative mode! He's like "No, I'm a supporter." So I say "Look, I can fly and everything..."
    I flew up on his store's roof and spawned a bunch of diamonds just to prove. You can take them away from him, I'm sure that he won't mind. He's a good guy.

    So anyways, I ask if an admin is online and they say yes but the admin wont answer.
    While I occasionally enjoy creative, can someone switch me? I feel like I'm cheating. Unless of course you gave me creative for a good deed, but it seems like a freak accident glitch. When I go in (when there's enough slots) can someone switch me please? Don't ban me it's not my fault D:
    I'm freaking out it's weird and scary.
  2. I'd say spawning a bunch of diamonds wasn't a great idea. Hopefully this issue will get sorted asap, sounds like a very strange glitch to me.
  3. I'm in. More info;
    His name is Fynriel
    I am online now
  4. Alright i came back in.
    REALLY funky now.
    I have hearts and and armour thing, no food bar, and my inventory is all halfed. There's part of a creative menu and half of it is empty. I can't scroll through or anything. I can still fly....
  5. FLIPPIN CHRISTMAS PARTY. Of course my mom doesn't tell me till now. I'll be back tommorow probably.
  6. Do you have any mods intalled? If so, your first step would be to remove them.

    Also, if you fly or spawn items you risk getting permanently banned without warning... so regardless of the reason you have creative mode, don't use it.
  7. u can ask Smooch for details,
    there are some black parts in the menu and its
    letting me duplciate things...
  8. all items he spawned just simply to show me. I did not accept any. He did fly, again to demonstrate. According to the player, it just happened. And he did not venture into the wild, he immediately contacted staff to help with situation. All i told him was to post here and arise the situation to Justin. He claims there are no mods. And overall his client is glitching while on the Empire Server. ie giving him creative mode, glitching out the inventory menu and weird GUI problems. I do not believe the player is trying to use this to take advantage, he just wants someone to know.
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