Some screenshots

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  1. Just had a little fun with shaders.

  2. Looks really cool :D Might hire you in the future to take photos of my next build :)
  3. Woah nice mind if i ask you to take pics for me when i upload them to my website for ProStarter
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  4. What mod and texture pack is that?
  5. I think it is Sonic either's unbelieveble shaders mod. And just the default texture pack
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  6. Love the flying squirrel GIF. :D
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  7. Yep, Sonic Ether's shaders (Ultra configuration with depth of field).

    The texture pack in the first four is Painterly and the fifth is LB Photo Realism.
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  8. I love that mod :p It makes things look so realistic! besides when breaking blocks and the cracks are red :confused:
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  9. Sounds like you need a better texture pack, or you have some deeper video driver-related issues that I won't go into right now.
  10. Your way to smart to play Minecraft... you need to be telling them what to do in the Mojang HQ lol xD
  11. If you look closely you can see the person cutting the string inside and that sends the squirrel flying hahaha. :D
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