Some Questions About "Upgrades"

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  1. Hello All Im BeastedPepper,
    And I Was Thinking Of Upgrading To Gold Next Month But Have A Few Questions If One Of You Could Help Me Out It Would Be Great Thanks In Advance.

    1. When My Upgrade Is Gone Is My Utopia Lot Going To Be Gone?
    2. Will My Secound Res Be Gone On A Normal Sever?
    3. Will My "Customize Residence Messages" Be Reset Or Stay The Same?

    Thanks Again
  2. 1. There is not a system made yet to handle this, though it is assumed that, like the derelict reclaim, a loss of Utopia lot would only happen when all other lots are taken by supporters. If you were an Active EMC member at this time, you would likely get a notification about this before you lost the residence.

    2. Again, there is not a system in place to reclaim derelict supporter residences, so assume no.

    3. It will stay the same indefinitely.
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  3. Hi man, good to see you are willing to support the empire :)

    I have a break from lectures at uni so might as well reply to you.

    1 - At the moment when you loose your upgrade there is no policy in place or system in place to reclaim plots, however in saying this, I do recommend caution as I believe Justin is working on said system.

    2 - Same answer as above.

    3 - Once you loose your upgrade, the res message that was set whilst you had the supporter rank will remain there. It cannot be changed unless you become a supporter or reset your res.

    Hope this helps you out, and thank you if you do donate :)

    *EDIT* Gah Crazy you beat me to it!!! :(
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  4. And we both replied with basically the exact same thing. :D
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  5. Well known members represent! ;)
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  6. Thanks Guys :D
    Have A Good Day