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  1. Hey guys,

    I was twiddling my thumbs last night trying to think of new features to possible add to EMC.

    So, you know how every Halloween we do this thing where there is a chance Haunted Candy can drop from killing mobs? Well maybe we can add that kind of feature to other holidays. More mini-boss drops can be added too.

    Thanksgiving: A type of lore food will drop only from passive mobs that drop food. This can either give saturation for one minute or heal all hunger the player has lost. Other options open also.
    Example: ThanksGiving Steak

    Christmas: Momentus -could have a Santa hat in place of his Momentus Helmet. The chance of the hat dropping would be even rarer than the Momentus Helmet, yet the helmet could still drop from him.
    Marlix- Could have Santa's coat that he wears in place of the Marlix Chesplate. Same drop chance as Momentus, but could still drop the Marlix Chestplate.
    Enraged Monsters- Have a rare chance to drop Candy Canes.
    -Santa's Hat
    -Santa's Coat
    -Candy Canes Dropped From Santa's Elfe in Disguise

    Rabbits have a super rare chance to drop easter eggs that (according to the color) give the player either 1 diamond, emerald, gold ingot, or iron ingot. (Only rabbits dropping these can be randomly spawned in the wastelands. No farms.)
    The Marlix and Momentus carry easter baskets instead of their weapons (but they still use the weapons) and the drop is super rare. The basket gives you 1 stack (16 eggs) from chickens (Not lored) and can be used once every 24 hours.
    -Eggs found from the easter bunny's minions
    -The Basket of the Easter Bunny

    That's all I got right now! If I think of some more, I'll add it to this thread ;)

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  3. :I sorry I didn't know about this lol
  4. I love the idea of promos or event items dropping from mobs, last year we had the super turkeys which dropped cooke turkey and turkey slicers. We also had blizzard which dropped his nose. Unfortunately blizzards nose didn't do anything on release but hopefully one day Aikar will code something in to make it do something.
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  5. I reallllly like these ideas. +1