Some Photos I've taken with Nikon D3200

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  1. Read this before:

    So, I gave my dad a camera (I had actually bought it for myself to then remember his birthday was like the day after). A Nikon D3200 and well I took some pictures with it like yesterday.

    Only added the ones I liked the most.
    Tell me what do you guys think about it

    Here's the link:

    PS: I like photography I might take a course or two about it :D
    PS 2: The picture where I show up was taken in my brother's room.
  2. Very nice! Also a small tip, in: I noticed that there isn't a balance between the left and right side of the photo-- there seems to be tons of dead space on the left side. I'm probably just picky though :p
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  3. another tip; when you're taking landscape photos be sure to check your aperture and make sure it's up :p. i myself have a canon t4i dslr camera and i dabble in photography with my brother who is an actual photographer. may i post some of my pictures here as well?
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  4. I wasn't supposed to put that one up :( I don't really like the plant thing next to the flower.

    Thanks for the tip :p
  5. What do you mean by 'aperture' ?

    I checked the meaning on Wikipedia. I don't know how can I change such aperture when taking pictures
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  7. should be a button on your camera. aperture is pretty much the fuzziness outside of the focal point.
    edit: also you should shoot in RAW whenever possible.
  8. Nikons don't have the same commands as canons.. so he may not know what you're talking about. Nikon usually has different names for things.
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  9. thanks ^-^.
    was taken with an L-Series Telephoto glass :p
  10. I looked around all the buttons and I don't see any button that's about aperture.

    There's a button on the len I don't know about.
    it says VR On/off

    EDIT: Forgot to add the P S A M and GUIDE in the mode dial
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  11. Apeture is a pretty universal term. It relates to the lens. Maybe your camera body is dated and doesn't have it, I'm not familiar with Nikons :p.

  12. thank you :)
  13. You know, I didn't exactly stop to think about how beautiful pictures can be... Great job!

    (Of course, I don't really know any skills or arts of photography...)
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  14. i spam you with photos in my recent photo shoots. :)

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  15. I'll always love your photography :p

    Is that a hairy moth/butterfly?
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  16. that is indeed a normal moth.. it was about the size of a normal moth, nickle sized, or whatever they usually are. i think that photo is the best example of how powerful my camera gets.. you can see the hair perfectly defined on his back and on his legs..
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