Some Overclocking Questions

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jeanzl2000, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Hello There. I have a NVIDIA GTX 675m on my m17xr4 and it has a good cooling system.
    I have it OC to
    Core Clock = 765
    Memory Clock = 1810
    And when I see that the core and memory are on what i said to get get around 45FPS in BF3 on Ultra but then for 10 seconds the Core goes to 400 and the memory goes to like 1,000 and i get like 20fps for some random reason. Is there something i need to do? the hottest the GPU has ever gotten is 69 Celsius.
  2. Better solution: Don't play on Ultra. If the framerate is inconsistent/undesirable, you'll either have to deal with it or lower the settings.

    Also, there's a reason overclocking voids your warranty. :)
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  3. I have a suggestion:
    Don't play on Ultra :p

    Also, Jeanzl, may I ask what PC you have? I may be getting a new PC for christmas, and I want a better decision than what I made in '09 when I got my craptop.
  4. Voids Huh?
    *accidently* drops it out a 30 story windows.
    Well there's not much left... So will my *accidental* insurance cover it :p