Some ideas...

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  1. Plugins:
    Xp Bank (so you can trade/sell XP and/or store it for later.)
    GiftCard (would be cool for shops' special offers... or special events... or just for random player shops' use...)

    Other Suggesions:
    None yet.

    **i will edit this post when i think of more stuff. :p
  2. Could tank the enchantment trade in a few hours. No.
    God no.
    I beileve lottery's are banned in EMC, to much risk of scamming.
    Most likely no.
  3. ^ Agreed with what he said. Not possible. EMC is good as it is.
  4. I see our local naysayer has arrived.
    I could see buying giftcard with real money. Such as buying suppotership for friend (as this is already being done not a wild idea). Also making a donation to EMC for money for self and a friend (party pack) idea.

    Keep the suggestions coming.
  5. XP bank = No.
    McMMO = Horrible, horrible
    Lottery+ = Lotteries have caused alot of scamming and stuff in the past...I think they're banned...
    PaperMail = Meh.
    Giftcard = No.

    Also, EMC is custom coded. The non custom coded plugins are SBC, ProtocolLib, Worldedit, Simplyvanish and Disguisecraft...dynmap is edited.
  6. ICC knows a way.