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  1. SwordLord:
    This is my first Empire MC Forums post, and what better topic to touch than good ideas for the well being of the server. First, I think there should be a version of the frontier where PvP is allowed. This way, you could draw people of all minds to play on EMC. Second, I know anti-spam filters have been added into the chat system, but I keep seeing people cursing. Please fix this. Third, you should probably add a custom resource pack for the special mobs (Netherhounds, Marlixes, Momentuses, Enraged mobs). Also, some more types of enraged mobs would be good to (enraged Zombie Pigman, Engraged Spiders, Enraged Enderman). And finally, put PvP arenas on all servers. Having them on only one server gives an unfair advantage to the people on that server. IF anyone else has some good ideas they think i should have elaborated on, let me know. Goodbye, and stay Swordy.
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  2. I think PvP should stay on one server, for event purposes as well as general use. If there was one per server, there'd be nine arenas (10 with utopia). Divide the average number of people at PvP on smp6 by nine (or ten) and you'd get under one... And swearing is allowed to an extent..
  3. It seems like these ideas would all require quite a bit of work. As far as people cussing. There really isn't anything you can do to prevent it 100 percent of the time. Making the filter more expansive would just make it intrusive. If someone is being rude do /report. And fill out a report. Welcome to the forums.

    Also, the pvp thing would put a LOT more stress on the staff since most of the minecraft playerbase isn't really good sportsman about getting killed. :)
  4. Pvp is not allowed on EMC, only at the /pvp arenas. If people want to cuss, let them; if the curses are not mild staff will handle it. I think the third thing has already been suggested, will get back to that later. And I don't agree with the last thing, for all smp's to have pvp arena's. Its a simple command to get there (/pvp) and probably won't be added to other smp's.
  5. That's not the problem with it in the eyes of the developers. Chat filters like that are taxing on server hardware, and it's been stated multiple times that it will never happen.
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  6. -1 on the PvP frontier idea. I think /pvp is enough
    Chat filter would be good +1
    Custom resource pack should have a "trial" before its put into use but i think it's a good idea +1 for that
    PvP on all servers would make PvP a bit boring because there won't be enough people -1. Maybe a second arena?
  7. And split the community? If you look on factions/PvP servers, none of them have the community we do, because everyone is preoccupied killing and stealing each other's stuff.

    EMC will have a Games server, which will include some PvP games.
    There are countless ways around the chat filter, however, evading the chat filter in order to swear is not allowed.

    Some mild language is allowed, such as "crap," "shit," "damn," and "hell," in moderation.
    An official resource pack was already suggested and was denied.
    More enraged mobs are planned.
    I disagree. All players, regardless of their home server, have the same success rate in PvP. You can get items to another server using the vault. As it is currently, there aren't many people who PvP. Splitting one arena with very few people into 9 arenas means you'll find maybe one other person there, if you're lucky.
  8. Welcome to the Empire. The goal of this server is to be a fun place where anyone can come on and have a good time. A version of the frontier for only pvp wouldn't be used much. Many players come for reasons other than pvp and usually not very many people want to pvp at a time. Sometimes the arenas are compeltely barren. Imagine a massive world with pvpers spread out across hundreds of blocks. It wouldn't really be that much fun since it would be hard to find anyone. Pvp is only in the arenas so that those with similar interests will be drawn together and won't have to work hard to get to the way they want to play. Putting pvp on all servers is related to my first point. With one arena area there are already few people so having one on every server just makes it more spread thin. There is no advantage to those already on smp6. Anyone can transfer their items and go to the pvp arenas. There is no difference between me and someone who plays there 24/7.

    Onto the cursing, EMC considers itself PG and follows those guidelines on what is allowed. In PG guidelines, a few of the curse words are allowed and some may use them. If it bothers you too much, just use the ignore command to ignore that player. I rarely see cursing so you might have just been on at a bad time. The chat is usually a friendly place :)

    EMC is built to be vanilla and we don't want to get in the way of letting others play. The current setup for custom mobs makes them easily visible without requiring players to grab a custom resource pack. Enraged mobs and minibosses are based on vanilla mobs so they don't have more than a few defining vanilla characteristics. As for adding more, I think there is a plan in place to add many more but it is currently not the top priority.

    Thanks for taking the time to suggest these ideas. I hope you have a ton of fun here :)
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  9. Chat filter would be good but if someone is being rude like cussing /report [reason] is enough :).

    -1 on the PVP ideas. I don't want to repeat the same answer to read other people's comments on that one.

    Everyone else's comments basically sum it up :)

    Thanks for spending the time writing this and Welcome to EMC forums :D
  10. I don't really like the idea of PVP arenas on all smp's. There would be less people in the arenas, making it harder to find someone.