some fun for emc diggers

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  1. hey everyone, im making a public chicken farm i mean really public and i ask you 2 questions 1: should it be 1 of those auto farms or just alot of chickens 2: does anyone wanna work for me digging ill give you diamond shovels with eff 1 enchants oh and what should i call the acc EMC_chickens or EMC_eggfarm
  2. I can help with digging. Is it above ground or below? Also, i know how to make a semiauto chicken xp grinder.
  3. i was thinking a big auto farm which could fill your invent in 10 seconds
  4. I think to speed the process, we should use tnt. (i have some)
  5. Do not use like a million chickens it will slow down the server and when someone goes to your res it will have issues loading.
  6. I have an extra res, so it could be used for a chicken breeding system. Then the spawn eggs would be taken to the grinder so we would know how many chickens are in it and dont lag a server (allthough it takes a LOT of items being dropped, for example the huge melon farm PThagaard has)
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  7. yes i understand how far away you need to be for the egg farm to work [50 blocks] without the res laggy too much if the server laggs i will have a chicken slaughter set up so that it burns them and depositis the items and ill have a repeater system which destoyes the eggs every 3 min
  8. "EMC digging" and "fun" in the same sentence?
  9. yes by the point i am using tnt oh did i mention that i will let everyone have build rights and a flintnsteel