Some enchanted stuff for sale! :D

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  1. Hey everyone. I have some enchanted stuff for sale:

    Minimal price for all stuff is 4000r
    Minimal bid is 200r.
    Starting price is 100r. Let's bidding started!
  2. I'll buy the Unbreaking II Effinency II pickaxe for 3206r.
  3. Sorry, I'm selling ALL STUFF for ONE CLIENT!
  4. 4K is overpriced for enchants that low-level, but I guess awtharok disagrees :p

    Also, why start the bidding at 100r when the minimum you're going to sell for is 4k? You should just start it at 4k.
  5. OK. So if it's too high price, I can sell all for 2000r. Anyone want? :)
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  6. pfir, awth bid at 4k unless I'm mistaken.
  7. Let me explain my thoughts on your pricing though.

    The shovel and lower 2 picks all have ~ level 1 enchants. Between the diamonds and unbreaking enchants, I'd value those 3 together at 500r. The only aspect that's worth a notable amount of rupees is the pick w/ level 2 enchants, which requires 18-22 levels to get. With that in mind, I'd place the value of your total pack at 1k. Obviously though, awtharok thinks differently, and it's safe to assume that others will value it higher as well.