Some bad news...the modding API

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by louiskw, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. People of the empire, it is my unfortunate duty to tell you that the Official Modding API will not be included in Minecraft 1.4.

    This is a truly sad day. Why they keep putting it off is up for discussion.
  2. Magic Launcher will do just fine.
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  3. It's pretty good, but i'm tired of waiting. As a mod developer, you can see why you wouldn't want to spend all this time coding only to have to remake your mod.
  4. [quote="louiskw, post: 265650" snip [/quote] there will be mod api just for servers like they have said in one of the first snapshot videos server mod api came out and they show you how to use it in the vid
  5. and the mod api you were thinking yes it wont be added but the server mod api will (your thinking mod api like how skyrim were you click a button then evrey update it will atuo update)
  6. The empire is ahead of everything. I'm waiting for the mod api to remake my mod.