[Sold] Saltar, Valens and Incitutus

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  1. PM me with an offer. All are used.
  2. could you tell me what the jump and hp stats are for each of these horses? Are you will to sell individually or only as a group?
  3. I'll post stats when I get home
  4. Stats: Incitutus: 130, 63.71, 23
    Saltar: 82.72, 100, 22
    Valens: 108.03, 83.1, 34
  5. what are the colors?
  6. I would like to buy the valens, I will pay 350k. Is that enough?
  7. Valens sold saltar and incitutus left,
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  9. I know I told you in game that these are worth substantially more than what I originally thought, I also told you I ill be giving you even more money depending n what these sell for.
  10. Yeah I'm not great with commas
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Thread Status:
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