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  1. it seems that i've gotten myself loads of books built up over the year.. i don't particularly care for, want these, or have any use for them.
    i looked about the forums for buying threads of people who are looking for these things, without any luck :p
    so here i am :D
    if you want something on the list, comment or message me with your price you'll pay for what, and what you want.. first come, first serve.. i will go in order in which i get the comments on the thread/messages for who gets to what first. :)
    i want to get rid of all of these, so grab away please..

    after payment i will mail them over to you without an issue, books are free to mail still right? lol

    knockback II
    aqua affinity I
    fortune III x2
    bane of arthropods I
    silk touch I x8
    efficiency I
    unbreaking III x4
    power V x2
    protection IV x4
    power II
    sharpness I x2
    sharpness V x3
  2. You can sell all these on smp6 at /v +books.
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  3. banana
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  4. oh really? */server smp6
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  5. where were you 11 minutes ago so i could avoid making this thread then? xD
  6. I'm never far away. Would you like me to delete/ close it ?
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