[sold]DC of emeralds

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  1. Selling the DC of emeralds. Will mail in block form (6 stacks of blocks) to the buyer (for free of course).

    PM ME TO BUY OR MAKE AN OFFER. The Price I stated is an average of the last 5 auctions to take place on EMC Forums (the number of the average was actually like 88.5k but I rounded up)

    Price: 90,000r @ 26r/ea (can be negotiated)

  2. No.
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  3. Updated the OP with a set price. Not sure if this is the normal asking price- somewhat averaged the last 5 emerald auctions.
  4. bump?

    When we go 1.9 and you need to buy mending books from your villager buddy- you will want these :)
  5. I'll pay 66k, 19r per emerald
  6. Looking for a bit more than 19r an emerald sorry.
  7. 85?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.