Social attempt.

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  1. Hello! I'm feelin' in the mood to chat with someone on skype while I do my MC stuff.

    You don't HAVE* to be apart of my wild's town to chat. I just focus a lot more when I'm being social and craftin'.

    Well reply here or PM if you're bored like me ^_^
  2. Add me on skype: nfell2009
  3. IF anyone else want add me- they can. Don't have to add just 1 person.
  4. I would add you to Skype if I could speak english better.
  5. You seem to type fine :O Hey- could be good practice as well!
  6. If only I could speak Spanish better....
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  7. If only I could speak Chinese better?
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  8. : | I can almost communicate in a couple languages, but I'm fluent in English only. (Plan to fix soon)
  9. I can speak english!!!! and am learning spanish! Se habla espanol?
  10. :D
    I didn't understand that : /
  11. se habla epanol is "do you speak spanish"
  12. No it's not.
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  13. Wow. That must be an epic fail... ^^||
  14. Um... yeah, add me. santi.chasca is my name in Skype. Zoe can add me too.