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  1. So I have reached that time again to buy new cleats and I am clueless on what to buy. I am a 16 year old guy and use my cleats quite a bit, several times per week, so I want something that will last at least a year, so not the new puma's evospeed or whatever that they say to not use at practice because they will last 10 games. I am up to anything really and do have a place to try them on and buy them and can share the link to their store if it is ok. I personally dont have a price limit but I believe my mom will not let me buy above the mid tier cleats, so basically not the $200+ cleats. I will also be glad for any suggestions or tips you have.

    I will probably have a pole if I eventually narrow down what I want. Thanks for any help or suggestions or tips.
  2. I play soccer you should invest in some Adidas cleats.
  3. I like these, a little expensive but they're nice. I suggest them if your feet aren't growing. They're Adidas F50 AdiZero Trx. Also they're topical
  4. I usually buy Nike cleats, they can be pretty inexpensive and last a while.
  5. A while, Adidas cleats cam last a pretty long time.
  6. I can speak for both sides. Both last forever if they're kept in good shape
  7. I had those as my last pair, not current ones, and I believe I had the F10s or F30s but those were also the Messi versions if I remember.
    Also I am not looking just at the brands, I am looking at the specific ones. I know both last quite a while if kept well and in general I expect at least a year or so depending on if my foot grows more.
  8. can't go wrong with a pair of Nike tiempos, look really nice, feel great and when you outgrow them you can send them back to Nike for a new pair
  9. As a baseball player, I wear cleats constantly. I'd like to recommend a pair of New Balance soccer cleats (they can't be too different from baseball). Also, their soccer cleats will be released on the 1st of July :D

    They're really light and surprisingly comfortable.
  10. soccer and baseball cleats are actually way different :p different terrains, different exertion and soccer cleats go through a lot more than baseball cleats
  11. They are the messi cleats. I loved them when I had them. Those or Hypervenoms
  12. Are you serious? I never heard about that!!! I was considering those especially because i might need to get inserts because of my flat feet and it would be better than a knee brace for long term effects, and someone on my team also said that he got teimpos because his hypervenoms werent wide enough
  13. yeah Nike customer support has been nothing but great to me over the years. I too am pretty flat footed and wear inserts and tiempos have been perfect fit for them. Also with a lot of soccer cleats breaking them in is kinda a pain because there's no good way to do it without hurting your feet but the tiempos are really comfortable from first wear to last
  14. Not sure how different football cleats are from soccer, but I have a pair of Nike football medium ankle cleats. Been using them for 2 months and I have ran 80+ miles in the mud and rain. They are a little muddy, but still working great. I am a big dude and put a lot of strain in them as a linemen. They are comfortable on my MASSIVE feet (size 15).