So you updated to 1.3? this modpack launcher has come to save you.

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  1. So, i have updated to 1.3.1, yes I can get on EMC without constantly changing .jar's, here's how:
    1. go to this link and download the tekkit launcher.
    2. Install the tekkit modpack launcher.
    3. once complete enter your IGN and password (yes it is safe, and approved by mojang)
    4. select "vinalla" modpack
    5. go to "options" select "custom build select", and choose 1.2.5 build "login" in the launcher and when it ask's you to update choose "no"
    7. wait for about 16 seconds and it will bring you to a new minecraft title screen
    and now you are done, tekkit adds mods every update, customize what modpack you want, that's basically all!
  2. not a bad idea.. I actually use the Tekkit modpack on emc directly instead of changing to vanilla.. I like Matamos and the texture pack I have ;)
  3. Im good with 1.3 thanks :)
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  4. you can do that? yay!
  5. I thought tekkit wasn't approved for EMC
  6. It does nothing to Multiplayer, unless it's a tekkit server being run
  7. I prefer Spout.