So Yeah... I'm reintroducting myself! ASK ME QUESTIONS!

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  1. So, yeah, I'm back! Alright, so most of you may not remember me, but people from way far back have probally remembered me. Incase you don't know who I am or what I am or why do I exist (yep, still have problems.) alright, so I'll be writing my entire EMC EXPERIENCE! Welp, this is a long autobiography about my life. (EMC) So first, I joined the empire WAY far back in around late 2011/early 2012. So, this would lead me to my first postive forum? Right? RIGHT? Well, no. I was talking about roblox (yes I still play that) and someone really left me a negative reply. I forget what it was word from word, but here's the general idea.
    Ok, so first, I was like that, but you really shouldn't say that to someone. Much less, that left me a semi bad taste in the Empire.

    Anyways, I moved over to smp6 and began my life there. This was when the servers were full like an 80's hip dinner joint thing. My first res was 13303, which my oringal building is gone, but you can still check it out today. Around this time, I made some new friends. (bonus points for figuring out them)

    Also, EMC was where I got my new skin. So I was with a friend of a friend Alright, so his name was cool(something) and he felt alone as a slime. (Yep, my MIND IS FREAKIN' MESSED UP!) So I felt obligated to help. So I changed my skin to a basically a reskin except instead of blue, my skin was light green. I felt happy about the skin, so I kept it.

    Later I freaked out about a map with my problems still intact, someone telling me to stop expressing my stuff, I think rainbowchin told me I'm epic. I'LL FIX THIS STUFF LATER which now has a sequel. Oh yay.

    Ok, so I would like to thank the Empire for helping me through out my travels.


    roblox: spt188 (I'M PROUD AND I DON'T CARE!)

    steam: TheBigPie5 (cause god forbid I have no oringallity)

    minecraft: TheEpic5

    So yeah, ask me questions, and try not to go blind!

    err how did that happen lol
  2. 'sup.

    Stuff has changed a lot since you left :p
  3. Hey! I remember the good old days whenever we made the Slime Team.. Then we got griefed.
  4. I can remember you from 400 something days ago when you played actively here.
  5. Found it.

    I personally think it's a horrible game. There's way too many annoying eight-year-olds, and half of the players are guests or people who can't even hear others because they didn't do the smart thing and lie about their age. And a lot of people just use their OBC for bragging rights. It's a horrible place because of the community. Thankfully, EMC isn't that way.

    (And I forgot to mention, there are NO MODERATORS. It's a very sad place, in hindsight. This is coming from someone who had Builders Club for a while.)
  6. I didn't know you were still around here!
    Hey, I tried. :3