So..... Who Is ThunderLeone???

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  1. Hey gamerz! I'm Thunder and I am an absolutely massive fan of Beyblade!!!!! I looove playing minecraft especially with my bff, Mint (gamertag: Mint_Corgi). I love making videos although my channel isn't properly up yet. I love drawing things like minecraft characters, youtubers, and mainly ANIMALS!!!!! I play the guitar in a school band. Wherever I am, you'll fing me singing quietly or humming. I sing songs but I also like to write songs like parodies but mainly original songs. One of the songs I'm currently working on is called "Rock n' Roar" which is named after lions. I am obsessed with lions! I'll buy anything that's realated to lions. ANYTHING!! I am interested in astronomy and astrophysics at the moment. Math is my greatest weakness cuz I totally suck at it! All in all, my life is really confusing, boring, and hard.

    -ThunderLeone =^ยท^=
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  2. Welcome to EMC! :)
  3. Welcome to EMC
  4. Hi ThunderLeone. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  5. Welcome to EMC! We hope you enjoy it :)
  6. Welcome to the Empire!
  7. Thx guys! I actually posted this a few days after i joined...
  8. Welcome to EMC, I love Phoenix's!!!!!!
  9. Must have missed this post. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules.
    PS: nice to see people from around this side of the planet.