So today is my first day of school...

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  1. But luckily for me, I don't have to go till 1:00PM. Only reason for this is that, the new grade 6ers have to get settled in. Ah grade 6ers, one of the ways to help make grade 8 as annoying as it will be. Only thing I really have to do put my stuff in my locker and just walk around the school to all my core teachers, and possibly option teachers to. I have around 6 more hours till I go. I have to be up early now. :( Wish me luck! :)
  2. You see us Tomatoes are so smart we don't need education. Anyways have fun!
  3. No, you need to go to Tomato school, so you can learn not how to be eaten by bugs. ;)
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  4. I have to go to school in about... 2-3 days? Still, good luck :)
  5. I've been to school for 2-3 weeks now...
  6. Have to go soon. Only thing I'm scared about is the new grade 6ers. Sure, I was one, but to be honest, it seems they get dumber (and also shorter) each year.
  7. Back from school. My home room seems good. Teacher's not strict. Grade 6ers already a pest, and I will have to teach some of them to play percussion, how fun...
  8. I've been in school for a month already :(
    Well about two days short but still!
  9. You just called me annoying,
    I am so offended.
    You also said I get dumber and shorter.
    I am so offended.
  10. I started school about a week ago, no breaks for the first day of school full day tons of homework and classes. 8th grade...
  11. Glad i don't have school anymore :p
  12. I never said you, I said MY school.


    Well screw you...
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  13. I don't look forward to school tomorrow, because it's making it difficult to enjoy my last day of summer with the ever looming threat of the education system I hate despite sort of excelling at.
  14. I still take it as insult :mad:
  15. Lucky dog, I got 3 semester left
  16. I have been back to school for over a month already :( i get up at 6:00am every morining :(
    I am in 9th grade, FRESHMAN FTW
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  17. 6 graders do get shorter... idk about the dumber part.. i mean the tranistion between baby things and man things isnt very fun xD ( but its worth it )
  18. I always had to wade through 6th graders on my way to gym last year. I'd always say, "Look at the little 6th graders!".
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  19. what grade are you in?