So this is why I'm not part of my school's chorus...

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  1. Disclaimer: may cause intense headaches for the amount of SWAG (in this case, also known as bad singing) in this video.

    Get on my level ;)
  2. No offence, but that scream is absolutely terrifying.
    Otherwise, nice singing! (No sarcasm.)
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  3. To my ears deceive me!
  4. Made me laugh, post more of this stuff!
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  5. Haha, glad to hear that ;)

    I may do something like this for a subscriber milestone. With more screams :p
  6. The next Justin Bebier is here ladies...
  7. Singing was ok.
    Just try to control the pitch of your voice
  8. lol I could hear you were laughing for the whole thing. And your brother screamed? How old is he?
  9. Yea.... about this....
    It was good and bad, might wanna work on it some more :D
    Also, it is way better than I could have done :D
  10. Not as young as you'd think, most people would freak out at my singing...

    Haha, you can't be that bad ;) Certainly no worse than me :p
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  11. If anyone needs me, I'll be cleaning the blood off my ears and headset.
  12. Im 200% sure you sing better.
  13. Listens to it over a thousand times*

    Post more, this is really funny, I just don't know why, at the end I just..I just...laugh!
  14. You sing better than Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna... i'll give you that...
  15. I really like this song... It sounds like a song from the 80's... and songs my family plays :p
  16. It was pretty good, untill your brother screaming happened..
  17. And you actually did nail the break, and it was funny listening to this and the actual video. :p