So TF2 got an update today...

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  1. And honestly, its not very good. Its the first entirely community made update, which would be good if it had lots of weapons and maps, BUT, guess what, its all, hats... NOTHING else, no weapons, no maps, no new gamemodes, and no new MVM maps, which is what the TF2 community has been begging for. I will still most likely buy a few keys for the special crates you get them hats from, but really Valve, only hats?
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  2. Lol
    TF2 team fail 2
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  4. Team Fortress 2 is the best, most realistic hat simulator ever. I don't even know why there's weapons and fighting involved, they need to patch that.
  5. I know. Seriously. The guns and fighting ruin all the hat simulation. How else are people supposed to choose their head garments?
  6. I hate when you get a team and they're unorganized and just do random things and than the opposing team is just so organized and has planned out every detail
    Edit: Grunade!
  7. The servers I was playing on were just giving out robocrates like there is no tomorrow, people were trading refined metal just for a crate and 2 regular keys for the new ones
  8. I got Tf2 :3
    I haven't updated it yet though
  9. Hats are pretty legit.
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  10. Legit, and wasting an update that could have been epic are two different things..
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  11. At least the comic is good... :(