So Roblox made a Roblox "Facebook"

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  1. In other words:

    Best Minecraft Servers
  2. ... that's creepy
  3. Page not found :p
  4. "A place were all robloxians can be free"
    We have that already.
    It's called Facebook
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  5. Oh better yet lol.
    You can sign with Facebook, I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
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  6. Who even plays Roblox anymore? lol. I quit that ages ago because the community is immature and stupid, you have to pay to make your own 'levels''s a bad game.
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  7. i think it's just facebook reskinned :p
  8. My friend and i tried it once... We Quit after not being able to place anything, and lagging our computer... Then we went to summer school a few days later... (It was a gifted summer school, not a remidial summer school) there were 2 guys in out class who were addicted to Roblox -_- they wouldnt understand that Minecraft is better than Roblox :p
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  9. Only active threads are by you
  10. I used to be a remedial :p I was 7th on the 'ready to be kicked out' list. I made it off there at the beginning of this year and am now at 100th :p
    Facebook looks so much different ;P
  11. It's two lol