So my dad comes home today...

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  1. Ewok?

    Really though, she's so fluffy and cute!
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  2. *simon's voice* awwwwwwww!!!! I have a fluffy dog too :D
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  3. For sure name her Ewok lol
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  4. My mom has already decided that its name is Molly...
  5. Secretly call it Ewok and once it listen to it ur mom has to call her like this too!
  6. Goodness, that's an adorable doggie. :D
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  7. Awwww, sooo cute!
    But seriously, you totally have to call her Ewok. None of the pets at my house are called by their original names, they all have nicknames that have evolved over time. I say go for it :D
  8. My dog's name is pepper, but her nicknames are:
    Pepper-Dog (long one)
    Ferret (she's a jack russel :p)
    Pepper-Doodle (Another long one)

    Perhaps you could nickname Molly Ewok?
  9. ...Ohh it's an ankle biter... I like big dogs but yours is cute too!