So much lag!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MR2R2M_2, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. JEEBUS there is so much lag atm, why is this, it is impossible to mine blocks they just lag back and dont drop.

    Everyone on the server is complaining about it! Why is this?
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  2. And it takes forever to join the server, I swear that bukkit is not running as efficiently as possible!
  3. Yes and then the server booted me when I disconnected
  4. why is there so much lag its soooooo annoying :mad:
  5. I think the server may Have shut down for updates it is not letting me get back on
  6. I cant even join now either, but it still says im on the server on the forums :confused::eek::confused:
  7. yea same i cant get back on
  8. me and cole just found a flock of sheep they will be gone once the server is back up :'( xD
  9. Alright I think its safe to conclude that its a server error or updates, lets go ahead and let Justin get some sleep lol In the morning it should be fine and resolved

    EDIT if it was closed for updating it would say end of stream so it must be a server error
  10. I am restarting the server, it is probably something to do with the 1.0.0 release. It always happens, there are bugs and it takes a couple weeks to get them all worked out :)

    I almost always react within 15 minutes of a problem, the servers wake me up if they are having problems :)
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  11. Justin wakes up for things like this
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  12. Im sorry about this problem, No one likes losing sleep :(