So Many Pickaxes!

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  2. how much for unb 3 eff 4 silk 1
  3. Well, I will sell then cheap, but I do need to sell a large amout to do that.
  4. If you wanted to buy only one, It would be a fairly average price.
  5. How much for all of them? Should state the price since this isn't an auction.
  6. Sorry about that, I'm not on the website often. If you'd like all of them I have thought of the price 65k. Please tell me where you stand on that number.
  7. How much for 4 picks with: Unb III : Eff IV : Silk I ?
  8. Sorry everyone, I have to leave for half an hour.
  9. I will drop the 65k if its still offered
  10. Ismooch yes it's still avalable :p
  11. sorry for the delay, I go to school online, and had a class.
  12. Ismooch, you can buy them, but I believe MineCraft is down atm.. so after its up again. :p
  13. Also, sochimickox, if you are still interested, I will sell you some later, but only once I make more. It may take some time.
  14. ok.. i will pay you as soon as Mojang fixes their stuff
  15. Ok, I am located at 1002 on smp1.
  16. servers back up.. sending you the moneyyyyzzzz
  17. All Pickaxes are SOLD!