So many Emeralds!!

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  1. So i have a double chest of emeralds and it cost me 91k, but I'm thinking what should i do with them? Should i sell them to make more money or should i make em into glowstone which i can maybe get 4 glowstone for 1 emerald. Maybe there is more i can get with these, what do yall think i should do?
  2. I think that is a very long gem... i would split it up into different projects, resell some, make some into blocks, and trade with the rest
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  3. Split them. Some to trade some to sell.
  4. You should auction it. :p
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  5. Hmm ill have to think about this.
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  6. i could also turn them into 13,824 xp bottles :) and if i auction them right i could make over 150k plus
  7. I'm saving some of my double chest to make a beacon, and some of them I'm selling.
  8. beacon? mmmm beacon cheese burger argggghhhggghh sorry i had slobber on my mouth.
  9. yah, but you can kraft them like golems, somehow, so I'm thinking the best way would be to assemble a team, and we all can fight the withers together, until the entire team gets their star.
  10. well its hard and the wither boss doesn't always drop it from what I've heard
  11. May be worth more than the dragon egg when it comes to EMC
  12. And apparently, you can summon a wither with 4 soul sand and 3 wither skeleton heads.
  13. Maybe. We'll find out, I guess. I have a feeling that the Withers won't be as rare as the dragons, though. If they are super-rare, we can always beg Aikar to build us a wither arena :D
  14. Yep this should be interesting.
  15. I cna't wait!
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  16. You make the Wither using the body of an iron golem but with soul sand, and getting the heads off Wither Guardians/Skeletons and laying them across the top of the body.
  17. Thats alot of emeralds... How about selling them for more and saving some for suff like xp potions.