So many creepers and a charged creeper

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  1. It's awesome my friend was out as house at the wild and i was at his house and he was out in the wild and he was being chased by creepers he see's a house and it's a CHARGED CREEPER and a spider jockey next to it what are the chances!!!
  2. this is a lap top and it stinks cause it keeps lagging and it's horrible :D
  3. btw, you can't ask for likes sir. And those chances are pretty low.
  4. i know how amazing is that (sorry for asking for likes :oops:) i'll just delete the the thread D:
  5. you cant delete it, but you can edit your main post.
  6. nevermind i'll just edit it :D
  7. there we go :D sorry abou that and whats up with the dragons everyone always has them?
  8. how come people only post on my stuff when i'm doing something wrong? :oops:
  9. well you are still new to the forums...
  10. i'm not!! it's just that no one likes my stuff:oops:
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  11. :mad: and ethan it's not funny
  12. Neither is constantly bumping your thread with short, continuos, posts.
  13. Please do not double post. Thank you :)
  14. i give up i'm done and thank you for looking at this even though it was all about how i am bad at posting (not that i'm good & not that i'm bad) but thank you for posting anyways hope to see you on smp :D

    i wasn't trying to bump it i'm sorry if you thought it was that hope to see you on smp and again how do i get dragons can someone tell me the link?
  16. THANK YOU (not trying to bump) since everyone thinks that :oops:
  17. I'll tell you what I think. This may not be true for everyone, or even anyone else, it's just my guess.

    First, and most significantly, this thread is about seeing a bunch of creepers and a charged creeper. Most people who have played Minecraft for a while has seen that. Many times. You can pretty much observe loads of creepers every Minecraft night. It's therefore probably not a very enticing post for a lot of people, and thus won't garner many replies or views.

    Additionally, after having made that post, you (and others) started posting several things that are completely unrelated to your thread's topic, such as having a laggy computer, details about how you're editing your posts, discussion about double posting and most recently dragons. That further reduces the quality of the thread, making it even less likely to have any kind of impact.

    I'm not trying to be a downer or anything, this is just my observation/analysis of why this thread is rather dead. :p