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  1. Hey guys, so, I am designing a house to build on EMC and I want to know if you guys like the entrance way so far. I will post updates on my house here and try and get some positive feedback. I know I might get "it's your building, build it how you want", but I would like the community to be involved in the designing of the building.

    So far I have an entrance way that kinda looks like IMI (I didn't intend for that to happen)
    I can change the pillars to pretty much any material (except bedrock of course) but I think quartz might also look good. I plan on making the exterior sandstone (maybe?) and the interior dark (pine) planks (again, maybe?). I might even have pine logs (Oh my, so many maybes) in the corners?

    Also, when, and if I decide to build the finished design on EMC, it will be furnished a lot more than you will probably see. I will have an open house for a few days when done (on EMC of course)

    Oh, by the way, if a moderator thinks this is in the wrong section, then please move it :)

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  2. Looks good, I would give a more detailed opinion once you progress more.

    This should belong in the Show Your Creations Section :) for future reference
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  3. Moved it for yah. :)
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  4. Why are there 2 threads, with 2 exact same responses on each? Alex, quit messing everything up. :p
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  5. So, I did some work on the house, just so you know, the leaf fence will extend around my residence
    The lamps are going to light up at night, I spent 30 minutes trying to understand how to do it, thanks to the MC Wiki:
    So yeah, that's what I got. Expect more progress to be done tomorrow.

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  6. The left side grass wall is one block to far or the right side is one block too close to the red wool
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  7. There is two because there is one for the current link, and one for the old link to redirect to the new one. It's a bit weird sometimes about lingering, but it'll clear the old one soon. :)

    Also Matthew, your build is quite interesting. I can't wait to see what the finished product is! :D
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  8. So we have someone/something new to blame....
    Xenforo, quit messing everything up! :p
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  9. Thanks Max, I'll probably be working all night on it, haha.
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  10. :p /report Xenforo charging us $$$ and then screwing up
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  11. So, I got the lights working and extended the wall a little bit.
    So far, the estimated cost if I did my calculations right and if I don't buy everything I have built currently, it should cost 5,000r-10,000r :p
    Please note I am NOT asking for donations on this project i.e. money, but when I am starting to build it, I will ask for block donations and you will go in my room (will be fairly big) on a wall to remind me that YOU guys helped me build this. (I will also buy blocks so I don't seem like a lazy guy :p)
    All of this will be built entirely by me with no help of Eclipsys or any other people. Sorry, Eclipsys, but I will need your services in the future *hint hint*

    Will be working on the main building, stable, and underground storage room next :)
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  12. Sorry for the double post, but I just want to post that the hedge wall is completed. The infrastructure of the main building then the stables will be completed next. By the way, it's not letting me post the picture, I'll post it with the next update.
  13. Oh my, sorry for the triple post, trying to keep you guys updated
    So I had the stable, then it disappeared, I think that was a sign to get a new Lone Ranger skin (being that my horse will be the white one that looks silver-ish) 2013-07-05_08.18.55.png 2013-07-05_08.18.46.png 2013-07-05_08.18.42.png 2013-07-05_08.18.33.png
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  14. Okay, made a little progress
    + 2 columns
    + Stable
    + Grand staircase (Tell me what you think about it)
    +Some of the 2nd floor flooring

    What do you guys think I should have on the first floor? Storage? Kitchen? (Not my room), (Not a guest room), Living room?
    Second floor I will have a room called the party room I will be renting out, still need to work it out a little, but then what?
    It's not letting me upload a picture again, so I'm gonna post it with the next update.
  15. This looks really great! excited to see it finished :D
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  16. Believe it or not, this is my 3rd major house I'm building, 1st one was during my 100-200 day period, second one I barely even did anything to during my 200-350 day period. Now, this one is my about 610-??? day period, lol.
    Oh and the 2nd floor is almost done flooring wise.
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  17. I never have the patience to do big builds.. Thats most liekly why when ever I see someone building I just like to watch.. It amazes me how much one person can do. Even though it is in a game. Keep up the great work :D
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  18. Next, after building the walls, I plan on making the party room. But, first, I'll need to update to 1.6 for that world and downgrade for EMC.
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  19. Sneak peak of the party room:
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  20. Finished the party room, but can't post the picture. Next I will build the 3rd floor