So is there anyway I could get this fixed?

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  1. I was diggin in my res along the sides to clear it out, then I found this:

    It's a tunnel system that runs under the roads, but along the edges so i don't have a dirt wall surrounding under my res.

    Is there any possible way to get this fixed without having to pay for it?

    My res number is 18751 on SMP9 for conformation.
  2. You should explore it. See where it goes. That is awesome and creepy at the same time.
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  3. There are some of those on every server, I like to run around and explore them. They're cool. Contact the admins, but I don't know if they'll fix it or not.
  4. Wow... creepy. Listen to hash, explore it.
  5. They are called the sewers i guess you could say, they are very long and go no where at the end of them.
  6. Those were caused by World Edit errors when creating the pathways, it'd be better to leave them.
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  7. All I was asking is if the staff members could change the roads like they do when you pay them 10k to, but I was wondering if they could just fix it real fast by placing dirt along the outside of the edge of my res
  8. They probably would. I'd PM them and see what they say. But I wanna explore it!
  9. Much appreciated shaun imagine my surprise when I went up from my basement then the next second I go back down and a wall of dirt is there xD
  10. The look of sheer astonishment on your pixelated face made it all worth while. :p
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  11. Well that's all that counts, thanks again :)