So I'm new... to Minecraft on PC ;p

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Are people actually friendly and remember each other like online friends or something?

Yee yee (yes) 9 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. My username was me trying to devastate my cousin but I love bunnies haha.
    I bought Minecraft a while ago, like June 2013 I think, but I never really played it/knew how to!

    These past two weeks I had the flu and got bored a lot so I started watching Joey Graceffa's gaming videos on youtube and he plays Minecraft like always. I got hooked because it looked so fun and entertaining. Like a noob I didn't know how the whole servers thing worked but eventually figured it out and hopped around here and there. Then I found Empire Minecraft and honestly, it looks like I'll be having fun on here :)

    P.S. - I sold my Xbox 360 (which is where I found out about Minecraft) over the summer so this is my first time gaming in a while. Hope to meet some new people :D
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  2. Welcome to EMC where creepers hug you back :D
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  3. You choose the right server. Tons of people will be able to help if you need it and there is a fantastic wiki
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  4. Welcome from the Polar Dwarf!!!
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  5. Need anything? Ask me! Also if you want quick rupees, refer some friends over here :) more company would be nice, also I know some pretty good shops. Which server is your res on
    Edit: there's a horse racing qualifier for EMC games, I can lend you a horse before the race and you can try to get past the qualifier, cuz you need practice, the track is hard. (Not joking, lag is messing everything up)
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  6. I'm on server 8 and I just noticed that's how this worked (server and all). I think I'm good for now, I'm going to get used to how everything works first :p
  7. Hope that I can get past the qualifiers myself XD but seriously do you need a horse
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  8. The horse race qualifiers are tommorow but there are like 13 more events on the EMC games. You can participate without your own horse cuz they supply specific horses, but it's more difficult without practice ^_^ the other events are pig racing foot racing, etc.
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