So I rolled up my newbie sleeves..

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  1. And created some gif's for the survivors of my nature walk!

    What happened is, we all went out with wooden swords and zombie flesh - that's all you were allowed to have, and I think we started with about 10 people. I recorded some of it, but the more important part is the awesome gifs I made with my newbie skills. I've not made very many of them, but I gave them my best go. I'm not saying they're super duper amazing awesome sauce.. But I am asking you to take a look at my work. :D:p
    Special thanks goes to the models for these pictures:




  2. More importantly, you led 7 people to their deaths.
  3. Better than I would´ve made it.
  4. lol can i do it?
  5. It sounds fun. What did you use to make the gifs, Maxarias? Also, are these from the walk? If so, I see a diamond shovel and lots of armor.
  6. Man, I wish I could like this 4,000 times, because this made me cackle like the insane maniac I am laugh loudly.
  7. Some people died horrible death's and came back, lol
  8. I know you have more than one account...
  9. They're different people posing for us.
    And no, those weren't taking during the adventure/hike/deathrun
  10. These aren't from the walks, I asked these guys (and gal) to put on some random armor to look pretty for my photos. I also used Gimp to make the animations. Sadly, I seem only able to do one paticular animation called Blur or something along those lines. The other cool ones would not work for what I was attempting to do. :(
  11. I missed this... D:
    Well, here's the moral of the story: never go on nature walks with raccoons.
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  13. When did this happen? I missed this.
  14. you got another acc!!
  15. :eek:
  16. This was last night. I may host another one of these in the future (not tonight), but for the love of life, I hope I don't have to make more gifs. xD
  17. You should both be paranoid and assume that everyone you interact with is Maxarias now.
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  18. oh dear:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  19. Yeah right, I'm the paranoid one.
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  20. what about if im friends with Maxarias in real! what if i told her some of my darkest secrets!!!