So, I never made one of these ^.^

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  1. I didn't make one of these when I joined so here I go! So about me: I enjoy playing games, mostly Minecraft, My first EMC build was a jungle temple at 4088 on Smp2 (I no longer own that res).I have made a lot of friends here on EMC, too many to list >.<. You will often see me following Krysyyjane around in circles (I'm her bodyguard xD). I used to write in all orange but this new color I like :3.I also enjoy making new friends so Pm me if you wish ^.^ Now it's your turn, Ask away!
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  2. Are you a girl?
    Are you a guy?
    Whats your IQ?
    Am I star?
    Ever heard of Planetside2?
    If I asked you to give me 100 000r, Would the answere to that questions be the same as to this question?
    Do you like Simon Scarrows books?
    How much does the sun weight?

    Good luck :)
  3. Hello! Can I be your friend? :rolleyes:
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  4. 1. No
    2. No (I clicked 'Other' in gender :))
    3. Yes!!
    4. Coming Soon!
    5. Yes, my computer doesn't like it, and disabled keyboard input
    6. I would say the exact following: 'Get a job! Dont ask me for money just cause' im rich doesn't mean I have to share!'
    7. Who?
    8. A lot :)
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  5. I am a Male
    I have no idea 0_0
    Of course ^.^
    If I had it, I would. I enjoy helping others.
    I haven't read any, But please do let me know of a good one!
  6. Hm, You dident answere my questions correctly :(
  7. Yes! That would be brilliant :D
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  8. Did i? :cool:
  9. Do you like this server?
    Why did you choose your name?
    Did you make your skin or find it?
    Can I be your friend?
    Are you good at building?
    Are you bad at it?
    If you could change your name to anything else, what would it be?
  10. No I do not... I love it :p
    I cant remember >.<
    Why not?
    Found it and did some editing
    I think so, but then again we all, in some way think we are good. But beauty is in the eye's of the beholder. :D
    I wouldn't change my name. At all ^.^
  11. Youuuuu yyy y your tryigng to replcae meh!!!
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  12. Are you a girl? I believe so, though I was genotypically tested when i was a baby and never was told the true answer.
    Are you a guy? I lack the SRY gene so, I am not a male.
    Whats your IQ? "Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn." Also, I have no idea. Those online tests are never accurate.
    Am I star? No, you are thestar19.
    Ever heard of Planetside2? Technically I now have.
    If I asked you to give me 100 000r, Would the answere to that questions be the same as to this question? Perhaps...
    Do you like Simon Scarrows books? I have never read one, so my opinion is not a valid data point in your survey.
    How much does the sun weight? Weight is based on gravity. In a lack of gravity, sauch as is found in the universe. The sun weighs nothing.

    Good luck :) Why thanks!

    Anyway, Sthenosx has been an amazing help to me since he offered to cut down trees on my lot for next to nothing in pay. Since then he has earned trust with both myself and ignoramoose and has perms to most of them as a result. I admire the fact that he never says he can do something that he cannot and he is always willing to be a slave for a day (or week). He is a working force behind the TARDIS shop and even supports my doctor who obsession talk daily (which by itself deserves a medal). He is a great player and a great friend. And he is MINE! jk...I'll share...
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  13. Yeah Sorry, I need someone more.... Mature to play with :p (Kidding, But you never want to play :( )

    lol, Almost correct answeres :)
    Just had to be said
  15. You just made me start to cry. :)
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  16. Woha caps. xD
  17. Will you be my slave?
  18. I'm always willing to lend a helping hand , Just pm me and I will be there as soon as possible! ^.^
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  19. >.>
  20. I know your alt. And so does Jack. But I won't tell anyone, because they won't be very impressed. I am in a good position to blackmail you lol. But I won't