So i have been working...

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  1. So i have been working on a proyect, its not done yet, but i already started.
    Its gonna be my own mod! :D
    its gonna be called OreSoffocation+ mod! Tell me what do u think and what should be added! :D
  2. What's its purpose?
  3. Just add a bunch of ores, tools, armor, and maybe, a new 'village'
  4. *facetomato*
  5. Wht r u using to write the mod and r u just editing minecraft script now or r u wrighting ur own script to go in minecraft
  6. Maybe he is editing an already existing mod. This seems like a LOT of code to go through on his own.
  7. ya I read a book on java script and have played around with it and I to think thats an awful lot of code
    And he would have to write a new terrain generator so the village will generate
  8. Make flying pigs.
  9. :) flying pig minecraft.png flying pig minecraft.png
  10. Im using Eclipse :)
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  11. Nope starting from the beggining :)
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  13. good luck.jpg
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  14. R u going to write a new terrain generator if so I can help
  15. Ohhhhhh, I write Java and Eclipse is by far the best IDE (followed by Netbeans) I remember the times didn't know IDEs existed, and I wrote code in Notepad. Good times...
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  16. Why not unicorns D:?