So I found a mod that I want to use... is it "ok" to use?

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  1. ill show you by video,
  2. That should be fine. It doesn't alter gameplay or impact other players or the server.
  3. ty
  4. Is it ok if I use this mod (when it is compatible with 1.0.0 that is) in EmpireMinecraft? Its just a water shader mod, making the water look absolutely, FANTASTIC! :D Here's a video showing the mod: It makes diving into water much more fun. I hope this mod is allowed. Please try to respond if you guys can. Thanks!
  5. Absolutely m4rkl33, I plan on using it as well when it is compatible.
  6. I will add these to my list of Acceptable Mods? :) I chose this name for searchbar purposes here in the forums. Just PM me the links to the forum/website they are hosted on and I will do the rest. :)
  7. Seems like the GLSL Mod will be coming out as soon as official modding is released. Can't wait, but I think I may need to upgrade my computer for it.
  8. would dynamic lighting work as an acceptable mod? it just makes torches and glowstone and some other "light sources glow when held or dropped. it works in smp but only people with the mod will see the light, and it doesn't prevent monsters from spawning on smp.
  9. It should be alright, as long as it doesn't affect other people on the server. X-Ray mods and flying mods are NOT allowed. So make sure that you do not use them, ok? :)
  10. Please direct all further inquiries here.
    I maintain the Acceptable mods? for the community. I will be better able to maintain a single thread on the discussion of mods.
  11. ok
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  12. Oh, thanks Twitch for the link. I shall post further mods I might want to use in this thread.
  13. Thank you all. I have been reading these posts here as well, I will be updating my list there as soon as I receive the links to there hosting sites and forum discussions. :)